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  Manifest Destiny
    (2008) [SHORT]



"Two misguided youths on a weekend drug binge, struggle with their addiction and their relationship."


Starring: Jesse James, Sean Faris, Artie Ahr, Tanya Dempsey

Directed by: Benjamin Eck

Written by: Dino May(story), Brandon Kessel(story), Benjamin Eck(screenplay)

Produced by: Dino May, Artie Ahr, Orion Prout


    Stay in the middle 

    (2009) [music video]


"The video follows Hill wandering around a party contemplatively; while Samantha Mumba is breaking up with her boyfriend."


Starring: Hill Zaini, Samantha Mumba, Mariah Carey, Bryan James Lillis

Directed by: Omero Mumba

Produced by: Dino May, Simon Bosanquet, Aidan Elliott


*Winner - Video of the year MTV Asia (2010)

**Filmed Entirely on location in London, UK.

 The Truth in Being Right
         (2012) [SHORT]


"After his death, a legendary Rock Star is replaced by a look-a-like when his two brothers attempt to continue benefiting from his success."


Starring: Tyler Riggs, Judson Mills, Sean Faris, Ellen Woglom, Clayne Crawford

Directed by: Benjamin Eck

Written by: Dino May and Benjamin Eck

Produced by: Dino May, Sean Faris, Bryan James Lillis, R.Andru, Ryan Malgarini, Ben Bledsoe, Roy Huang, Jennifer Sun Bell

     (2012) [SHORT]
"A young, heterosexual male's curiosity with gay dating sites quickly alters his life and sends him into a promiscuous, downward spiral."
Starring: Daniel Walker, Jacqueline Grace Lopez, Josh Pafchek, Marcus E. Mitchell
Directed by: Dino May
Written by: Dino May
Produced by: Bryan James Lillis
*Winner - Audience Award at Cinema Diverse Film Festival Palm Springs (2013)


     (2013) (Short)


"After swearing to the devil a teen-aged Dylan obsessed in love with Kelly suffers a different outcome than Romeo & Juliet."


Starring: Sean Scully, Kayla Swartz, Bryan James Lillis, Taylor Kalupa, Chase Clarke, Judson Mills

Directed by: Dino May

Written by: Dino May

Produced by: Bryan James Lillis, Dino May


     (2014) (short)



"This enchanting coming of age story is told through the eyes of a young woman who is faced with a big question. How will she let her present despair shape her character? A journey to a distant and exotic land will change her, and her forlorn father's relationship forever. "


Starring: Madylin Sweeten, Judson Mills

Directed by: Swan Sindhu Moti

Written by: Dino May

Produced by: Madylin Sweeten, Dino May


*Filmed on location in India



     (2017) (short)



"We follow Paige McBride, a young struggling actress in Los Angeles and go on her disturbing ride as she becomes entrapped within the dark world of human trafficking. "


Starring: Keleigh Kremers, Bryan Lillis, Sean Scully, John Churchill

Directed by: Dino May

Written by: Dino May and Bryan Lillis

Produced by: Dino May and Bryan Lillis


***Multi-Award Nominated Film


     (2018) (SHORT)

Sometimes blood is not thicker than water...

Starring: CJ Forst, Kim Estes, Victoria, and Sean Scully

Directed by: Dino May

Written by: Dino May and CJ Forst

Produced by: Bryan Lillis


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