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Devon Pinto

Devon was lucky to be born and raised in the beautiful beach town of Carlsbad, California. Growing up Devon was a natural athlete, academic and musician. Devon has a strong love for mother nature and loves spending time in the ocean or out in the wilderness. There is so much positive energy running through Devon’s body and soul that it seems to be contagious! The guys hard not to love! After competing on the reality TV show “Survivor,” he’s ready to take on any challenge that comes his way and is up for it all! Passions of Devon include writing music, singing, yoga, surfing and being on the camera.


Who is your biggest inspiration in the TV/Film industry?

I dig Ryan Gosling and James Franco. I like a guy who can take on any role but still knows how to have fun, laugh and not take things too seriously.



What is your favorite movie/TV show?

Favorite movie would have to be “LEON The Professional.” Movies for me are all about the story. The special effects and what not mean nothing without a good story.



Who is your favorite superhero?

Aquaman!!! Oooooo or the Silver Surfer. Aquaman is the most badass waterman out there and he can communicate with animals! So cool! And Silver Surfer because he surfs through space! Also super cool!

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