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Jack Sajwaj


I’m a pretty well rounded kid. Southern hospitality plays a big part in how I carry myself in which I hope creates a positive outlook of myself to others. I love to stay active whether it be going to the gym, skating in parks, or going for a swim. I’ve been in this business for about 3 years now and it’s taught me a lot of things about current trends, variations of people, and the difference in cultures between the big city life and small town Mississippi. I’m very excited to meet new people and explore new places thus bringing long time friends and memories in the process! 


Why did you want to become an actor?

 I’ve watched a lot of movies growing up thanks to my dad and as a kid I’d always find myself trying to mimic or “be like” the star of the movie or my favorite character of it. After a while I started thinking about becoming an actor and the cool challenges along with it like becoming and taking over a whole different person along with their personality and how you can use them and yourself to create a character of your own. Also, I’ve always loved performing whether it be sports or modeling so taking part of creative performances has always been a liking of mine. 


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

-I’d definitely go with Jeff Bridges. He as an actor has such a wide variety of characters and portrays them to the extent of their strengths and flaws. Outside of acting he likes music and does a little photography here and there so he seems like someone I’d relate to well. 


What’s your favorite tv show? 

Frasier. I’ve watched all episodes so I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them over and over.


If you could be a superhero who and why would you be them? 

I’ve always liked Bruce Wayne or as most people know him…The Batman. He’s very impactful to me because he teaches that you don’t have to be a perfect person to do good things or create a positive change. Also he’s very mysterious and complicated, much like a lot of people today so to figure him out contributes to the suspense of his character. 


What’s your favorite film?

Kinda clichés but Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks did a remarkable job at playing Forrest and showing that even the people you might count out can surprise you and to never judge a book by it’s cover. 


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