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Ethan Heyler

 I was born in Paris on May 18th 2000. I grew up very athletic and active. I practiced three different sports weekly and learned how to play three different instruments. My hobbies always had something to do with a board. Whether I am in the sea or on the ground, I always had a board to surf or skate on! I come from a linguistic background. I grew up bilingual in French and Swiss German.. I moved to Los Angeles at 14 years old. It was a very brutal and disturbing change. It took me time to understand and acclimate myself. Today, with hindsight, I realize how lucky I am to have experienced this early on in my life. I started an International Baccalaureate as soon as I got to High School.  I applied to acting programs in every possible college in America. This is what I wanted. I made the decision to go to The Lee Strasberg Institute. I went there for two years, every day,  and had the most intensive training of my life. I graduated two years ago.


Why did you want to become an actor?

 feel like storytelling is the only way to change people. Acting for me is fascinating. The art of expressing feelings and thoughts with precision is what I am passionate about. The goal with that skill is to introduce situations in which others can relate to and help them identify. Hopefully it will have the slightest impact on their lives. This would be the greatest gift. Personally, this is why I do acting. 


Who is your biggest influence in the industry?

Currently my biggest influence is Edward Norton. The intensity he has is something I really relate to. 


What's your favourite TV Show?

My favourite TV show is without a question The White Lotus. I'm a huge fan of Mike White's writing. The casting of each season is so smart. I can't wait to see how the show is going to evolve and how Mr White is going to improve with time. 


If you could be a superhero who and why would it be?

I saw the last Batman with Robert Pattinson and I really like it. Something I relate to with Batman is the concept of having two different lives.And then later, when it's "showtime", I unveil all this preparation and try to have fun with it as much as possible. The key in that process, in my opinion, is mystery. Just like Batman. No one knows who Batman is and what he does when he stops being Batman. 


What's your favorite film?

To be honest my answer changes a lot. The last movie I saw that really changed me was Good Will Hunting. It blew me away and made me shed important tears. Also, the story behind this script is so motivating for any young artist who wants to work in this industry. 


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