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Ar'Darius Stewart

Ar’Darius Stewart was born and raised in Abbeville, SC where he discovered his passion for performing in church. Through liturgical dance he found that he could be an agent of catharsis through body movement. It was also through liturgical dance where he first encountered his passion for storytelling. It was during his undergraduate career at Claflin University where he met his passion for storytelling again but this time through producing films. Since then he has used his keen videography and editing skills to produce hundreds of projects. He believes that every person has a story and his love for film allows him to highlight untold stories by holding a mirror to society and helping the world face social constructionism. 


Ar’Darius aspires to inspire the youth in his hometown to believe beyond the confines of the resources that are provided. It is through acting that Ar’Darius plans to set an example for the youth of Abbeville, SC to go and catch their dreams by finding and creating their own opportunities. Ar’Darius believes anything is possible, for anyone, who is dedicated to hard work and has set intentions of their purpose. 


Why did you want to become an actor?

I felt that there was a story in me that needed to be told. Through hardship I found that my life had purpose beyond my circumstances in South Carolina. I am thankful for those circumstances because they’ve helped mold me into the actor I am today. I want to live as a vessel to tell the stories of the many unique and special people around the world. 


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

There are so many to choose from but my biggest inspiration has to be the late incomparable Chadwick Boseman. He inspired me. His hometown is just 45 minutes away from my hometown. His devotion to his artistry showed myself, and the rest of the state, that it’s possible to become a professional actor and to do it with grace, humility and integrity. 


What's your favorite TV show?

My favorite TV show right now is Lovecraft Country. The acting is rich and charged with purpose. The story is complex but uniquely relatable. The writing is intriguing, yet meditated. I absolutely love that show in its entirety. 

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