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Ryan Winn

Ryan was born and raised in a small town just outside of Rochester New York. He grew up with three siblings and surrounded by family life. During his childhood, like his siblings, Ryan played hockey and baseball among other sports. This love for athletics brought him to Trinity-Pawling School after being recruited. It was here when Ryan began taking classes in theater and performing in school productions. After graduating he attended Bowdoin College where he continued his athletic career, double majored in Economics and Government, minored in theater and began creating on Social media. It was through social media that he met his current manager, and although he has just recently began focusing on commercial acting he was able to land a lead in the independent feature film What's My Name Again?.


Why did I want to become an actor?

I feel like I’ve known I wanted to be one my entire life but was so focused on athletics that I never allowed myself to become aware of that until just recently. I think most of it comes from my obsession with telling stories. When I watched movies as a kid, I knew how actors and different stories made me feel, I knew how they inspired me and made changes in me and I wanted to be able to do that for other people. Not only entertain people but to embody a character and translate that character or that story’s message to others. To find the truths and perform them.


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

My biggest inspirations in the industry is Jake Gyllenhaal. I find the vastness in the variety of characters and style of film he has performed in both interesting and inspiring. A close second, Leonardo DiCaprio. His unconventional roles and subtlety when performing inspire me. He can do so much by doing so little.


What’s Your favorite TV show?

I would have to say my top two are Lost and Prison Break. I was so into Lost that I binge watched the entire show in less than a month. The writing was so good I literally couldn’t turn off the TV and sometimes it felt like I was living in two different worlds. I am currently into is Yellowstone, I can’t wait for the spin off and the fourth season. 

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