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Jadyn Bailey Chandler

We asked Jadyn a few questions so that you could get to know them better...


What is your favorite movie or tv show?
My favorite show is The Fosters because it shows what it’s like to live in a different lifestyle where they foster slots of children and may end up adopting. It shows the blessings in their life and the struggles. It’s a really good reality TV show. 
My favorite movie is Grown Ups. 1 and 2 because they show great acting. The comedy in those 2 movies is just hysterical. But it’s also sad in the beginning of the first one. It shares a lot of different emotions throughout the films and are great family movies. 

Who are your favorite inspirations in the film and tv Industry? 
Some of my favorite inspirations are Adam Sandler and Anna Kendrick. The reason being because for one, Adam Sadler is my favorite actor and he is extremely funny. He is also in a lot of other movies I like. He is in Billy Madison, Longest yard, Click,etc. And another movie that I like is Trolls. The lead character is played by Anna Kendrick. She is an amazing singer and is best known for the Pitch Perfect movies. 

Who is your favorite Superhero/Villain?
Harley Quinn is my favorite villain and if you think about it, in the movie "Suicide Squad”, she helped save the world from another evil villain so she may be considered a hero as well! Forgot Robbie is an amazing actor and a huge inspiration to me. So I guess you could also consider her as is of my inspirations in this business!

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