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Sophia Mao

Hi! My names Sophia Mao. I love to hang out with my friends outdoors and play games, something I love to do is a sport called Raiders because it makes me strong and motivated. I love to travel and meet new people because I like to compare how other people see the world and experience it differently than me. I did cheerleading for three years and it was so fun! I’m also in JROTC!

I wanted to become an actor because I enjoy trying new things and improving myself, I feel like being an actor has been eye opening and will help me to be more understanding of different perspectives and ways of life depending on the role i’m playing. I would also like to use this as a platform for future endeavors. 

My biggest inspiration in the industry is Angelina Jolie because she stands for some of the same things I do! I love her work as an actress and she is so inspiring to me with her humanitarian efforts and adoption of her children from across the world, including a place where i’m partially from!

My favorite TV show is “Full House” because it is comedic and still shows the importance of family and friendship while being funny and teaching life lessons!

If I could be any superhero I would be Wonder Woman because she is independent, smart, strong, and brave. She gives me inspiration that I can do and achieve everything I want with hard work.

My favorite film is The Parent Trap because it’s funny, hearty, youthful, and just all around entertaining!

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