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Mason Minus

Mason Minus is an aspiring actor with a background in singing, guitar, saxophone, musical theatre, drama, and athletics.  . Through his affiliation with his high school’s top acapella group (singing lead tenor), his experiences learning guitar and saxophone through private lessons and his school’s jazz band, in addition to portraying lead characters such as Tevye in his school’s adaptation of “Fiddler on the Roof,” and Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast”, . As an experienced runner through the sport “Track and Field”, Mason is dedicated to taking care of his body and has a rigid fitness schedule to keep himself in shape. He uses his social media platform to connect with his community by recording his workouts while talking about mental and physical health. He has created his own brand called “Mason Motivation” which provides daily positive videos to the community. Minus’s videos push people to stay positive, stay active, and work hard. 


Why do I want to become an actor?

My ambition for acting stems from my fascination with connecting with a person on an emotional level and my drive to motivate others. As a child, I would always find myself impersonating the characteristics of an individual other than myself.  I want to become an actor because I want to embody the emotions and characteristics that come with another person’s story for the rest of my life.  As a child, I often saw African American characters as sidekicks to the lead role. I want to change that particular stigma by working as hard as I can to be lead roles in television shows and movies. 


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

When considering my biggest inspiration in the acting industry, My biggest influences are Sterling K. Brown and Leonardo DiCaprio. Sterling K. Brown does an exceptional job in the show “This is Us.”  Sterling K. Brown has exceptional control over his emotions. My favorite project that Leonardo DiCaprio has worked on is “Django Unchained”.  Dicaprio uses an exceptional southern accent that sounds authentic. In addition, his mannerisms throughout the movie make him extremely unpredictable.  Dicaprio has truly mastered control over his emotions and how he portrays them to the audience. 

What's your favorite TV Show?

My favorite TV Show is “Stranger Things” .  I love the concept of an alternate reality that is merging with the natural world. 

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