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Benjamin Kil

Ben Kil who also goes by “Benji” is born and raised in Detroit Michigan where he got into acting and modeling at a young age by moving to Los Angeles with his mother. This is where he found the love of basketball and ended up moving back home to pursue playing college sports. Through adversity he ended up playing professional basketball all over the world and being one of the few Asian Americans to reach that level. With this platform, it opened up commercial and modeling opportunities that gave Benji the the confidence to pursue a new chapter in his life that he was already familiar with! With his background as a pro athlete, natural bodybuilder and 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, he is more than capable to take on any challenges ahead. His main goal in the industry is to motivate and inspire the Asian American community in multiple ways that anything is possible if you really put your mind to it.


Why did you want to become an actor:

Being a professional athlete gave me opportunities to be apart of commercials and music videos. Once I had a taste I was hooked and always aspired to be a major character representing my culture in a positive way!


Biggest inspiration in the industry:

Honestly, The moment I watched bloodsport starring Jean Claude van Damm was when I wanted to be an actor at a young age and pursued it when I was younger. But overall, any movie starring Will Smith gets me.


Favorite tv show:

All American at the moment


Favorite superhero:

Spider man 

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