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Thom Barry

From a farm in Ohio to Hollywood, Thom Barry has come a long way. Most recently he characterizes a small town Texas sheriff lead role in the January 4th, 2013 release of Texas Chainsaw 3D

franchise. He co-starred alongside Kathryn Morris, in the top ten hit Bruckheimer series, "Cold Case" which had a seven season run on CBS and is now in syndication. Barry plays seasoned Detective

Will Jeffries. The writing for Jeffries featured episodes has stretched the character from mild mannered wisely bemused senior officer to distraught nearly homicidal widower. Additionally, this

accomplished stage and screen actor is well known in the 12+ demographic for his starring roles along side Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Ludacris, in Fast and Furious and 2Fast 2Furious where

Barry reprised his role of ‘Bilkins,’ the wise-cracking, hard-edged FBI Agent who still takes care of business, but in 2Fast with a more laid- back attitude. Director John Singleton used Bilkins’ consultant-to- Customs status for some great “straight man” comedy scenes in the hugely successful sequel. With probably one of the most familiar faces in film and television, 


Barry’s career skyrocketed just shortly after he moved to Los Angeles, and his resume reflects the success of a seasoned actor. His starring roles in the third installment of Major League, Steel and the first installment of Fast and Furious established him as a lead role player having had other great silver screen character roles in such features as Space Jam, Ghosts of Mississippi, Independence Day, The American President, Congo, White Man’s Burden and shares a SAG Award for “Best Cast In A Dramatic Feature” from

Apollo 13. Playing roles as diverse as military generals to homeless bums, you can see Barry practically every week on the small screen. His unique character lends itself to his big success in guest-starring and recurring roles on some of the hottest network hits on television. He’s seen as a very dignified no-nonsense judge on ABC’s “The Practice,” and a noteworthy congressman on NBC’s award-winning Aaron Sorkin drama “The West Wing.” Then look to the rest of network television’s hits such as “NYPD Blue,” “ER,” and “Seinfeld” to see Barry’s incredible gift to unnoticeably assimilate into any role.And when you don’t see Barry, you can hear him as an accomplished voice-over actor. Either with work in radio or television commercials or watching TV’s animation series “The Hulk” as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and “The Wild Thornberrys,” donning an Australian character voice, you’ve heard Barry’s confident, assuring and sexy voice. Before his acting career exploded, Barry was also a popular country music DJ on KLAC in Los Angeles. And since Barry credits much of his character to his diverse list of occupations, he’s proud to divulge that he also was a fighter jet mechanic in the Air Force, auto body repairman, and even a Duncan Hines research technician.


He is equally proud of his role as a member of a family of 11 growing up on 44-acre farm in rural Ohio. He’ll tell you one his of his earliest life lessons was, “Don’t have pets that are edible on a farm.”

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