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Lucas Hemingway

    My name is Lucas Hemingway. I am 5’11 . I like to eat , and im currently learning how to cook. I love working out , I go to the gym just about every day . Fighting and doing mixed martial arts is another big thing that im very passionate about! Anything that has an engine from building and fixing to raceing has always been an intrest to me ! 


    We asked Lucas a few questions so that you could get to know him better...

    Who are some of your favorite actors?

    Ryan Reynolds


    Why did you become an actor?

    Ive always wanted to be successful, and be something with myself. To stray away from the concept that just because you grew up without alot of money doesn’t mean you can’t be successful and change that for the better!


    What are some of your favorite Movies/ TV Shows?

    Deadly class

    What Superhero would I want to be?

    Iron man 

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