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Christian Rivera

Hey what’s going on guys, a little about myself I live here in LA but I was actually born and Raised in a small little island you know as Puerto Rico!! I moved when I was 13 years old out to Washington State, I graduated from Arlington High school in Washington and have been living in LA the past year and a half! It’s been a good journey so far 🤙🏼 


Why did you want to become an actor?

Something about becoming someone or something outside of who you truly are fascinates me, I love the fact that actors get to go on set and become this complete different person from who they are and then after set is over you just go back to your regular self! And I mean who wouldn’t want to get paid to be on TV haha 


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

Oh man. I have a few. L Denzel Washington for sure, “King Kong ain’t Got sh** on me” my favorite line from him for sure hahah also Will Smith is a great inspiration not just because of what he does on the TV screen but also the person he represents outside of it! And of course I can’t forget my man Benicio del toro, I got to show love to my hometown of Puerto Rico.


What's your favorite TV show?


I watch more movies than TV shows to be honest but if I had to pick a tv show I would have to say Breaking Bad I never really binge watch but when that show came out I would stay in my room all day watching it!! 


Who's your favorite superhero?

Man, I would have to go with Flash. When I was little, I used to call myself the flash because I thought that I could out run everybody!! Little me was fast!!

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