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Aaron Thornton was born in Coarsegold, California, which is right below the illustrious Yosemite National Park. Attending Yosemite High School, Aaron fell in love with acting at an early age and began pursuing it with unparalleled tenacity. Being a middle child of four - two older brothers and one younger sister - Aaron grew up with a very tight knit family. His sister Kilee, though 10 years younger than him, is his closest friend and biggest motivator. When asked why he chose acting over other careers Aaron said:


"I love acting because growing up I was always the one who looked up to others, and as I grew I became someone others look up to. For me, being able to use acting as a platform to be anyone I want to be, while being a role model for others, is a dream job."


A creative soul and relentless businessman, Aaron is also an established inventor who recently just pantented his first invention. 


Here are some other questions we asked Aaron so you could get a better feel for his personality:


Who is your biggest inspiration in the TV/Film industry?

Two of my favorite actors right now are Josh Brolin and probably Matthew McConaughey because they are in rolls I can see myself playing down the road. 


What is your favorite movie/TV show?

For years my favorite movie had been Alpha Dog, one of the few movies that actually pulled emotion out of me. Currently my favorite TV show is SUITS I think partially because I would love to play the role of Harvey Spector... He's kind of a bad ass in business.


Who is your favorite superhero?

Hmmmmm my favorite superhero wold have to be Iron Man because he isn't from another world and he doesn't have superpowers. He is just a genius and makes great stuff which appeals to my inventing side. 

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