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Jace Michael Chandler

We asked Jace a few questions so that you could get to know him better...


What is your favorite movie or tv show?
My favorite movies are Big Trouble in Little China and The Goonies because they’re such good stories and simply classics! My favorite TV show is Stranger Things because it’s so intriguing!

Who are your favorite inspirations in the film and TV industry?

Some of my biggest inspirations are Adam Sandler, Kurt Russell, and Eddie Murphy because I love comedy.

Who is your favorite Superhero/Villain?
My favorite superhero, if you don’t include J-Man (the super good-looking and extremely powerful superhero that I may or may not have created when I was 8) then it’s probably Spider-Man because I love all of his movies. And my favorite villain has got to be Skelator from Masters of the Universe because I dressed up as him for Halloween multiple years.

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