Darren Keith

Darren Keith is a 22-yr. old independent recording artist, actor, and model from Northeast Texas (Hooks, TX). He uses his talents, skills, and knowledge of music, poetry/spoken-word, and art to change the mindset of the youth and the misguided in a positive light. With a natural ability to "become one with the character", Darren began acting with his high school drama team in 2010-2014. Though he is an indie artist who released his self-produced EP in 2014 titled, “So Amazing-EP”, he wanted to take his acting career to the next stage. In 2017, he graduated from John Casablancas in Carrollton, TX. The following year (2018), Darren has worked for ABC, Netflix, and more. Recently, he was invited to and attended the June 2018 M&T EXPO in Dallas, TX hosted and organized by Mike Beaty. Prior to the EXPO, Darren has caught the eye sights of TV Mogul, Tyler Perry. Since then, Darren has relocated to Los Angeles, CA where in just a 2 week timespan, he has been cast in a web-series, and etc. The future's bright.

Why did you want to become an actor?

Being able to become someone entirely different than your every day self has been something that amazes me every day of my life. From a child to a young adult, I’ve always wanted to find and use a platform that allows me to inspire others, become someone other than myself for a moment in time, and express versatility… acting makes that a reality for me. The irony is...being an actor isn’t what I do. I’ve become ME in the process. I guess instead of becoming “someone” different, I became a different version of ME.


Who is your biggest inspiration in the tv/film industry?

To name a few: Denzel Washington, Lorenz Tate, Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan, Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Shemar Moore. These few actors, amongst others, have unknowingly contributed to the spark of interest and progression of my self-motivated acting career. Each actor has a unique and dynamic way of portraying any character presented, something that I admire and truly respect.


What is your favorite movie/tv show?

Movie(s): What’s Love Got To Do With It? (1993), Menace II Society (1993), The Five Heartbeats (1991), The Temptations (1998), The Color Purple (1985), Training Day (2001), Scarface (1983), The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), Fast & Furious (ALL of THEM) …the list goes on.


Show: “Martin”.!!! Hands down. Top current Shows: Power, Queen Sugar, How To Get Away With Murder, Chicago (PD, Fire, & Med).


Who is your favorite superhero/villain?

Black Panther is my favorite superhero of ALL TIME, that goes without saying.! I’m still rooting for Spider-Man though.


I don’t truly have a favorite super villain, but if I had to choose…it’d be The Joker. You know, the bling-ed out, hip, new-age Joker.