Max Pregoni

My name is Massimiliano Pregoni, aka Max.  Born and raised in Rome, Italy, I'm fluent in Italian and Spanish. Thanks to my American mom I got dual citizenship, Italy/USA. Living in one of the world's most visited cities, diversity was key. Became friends with kids from all over the world, all kinds of different cultures and religions.  I have at least 1 friend in every country out there...literally. 


From being the loner kid skateboarding through the city at night to playing soccer with my friends almost everyday, to being KO'd in the ring at the local boxing gym, these hobbies allowed me to explore different sides of myself creatively and are still a big part of my lifestyle today. Focusing and improving my craft is all I'm working for and I cannot wait to see where my hard work will bring me. 

We asked Max a few questions so that you could get to know him better... 

Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

 This answer is constantly changing cause there are so many. Today, those who get to be part of my answer are Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jonah Hill. From character acting, to heavy drama, to comedy so good I'm laughing as I type this, these 3 inspire me to put in that extra work when prepping for a role, and that is something priceless.

What's your favorite TV show?

At the moment, the TV show Atypical is catching a lot of my attention. The first person narration and focus on relationships with family and society is so intriguing to watch from his point of view. It's so...different. I like.


As for movies, well. In Henry Hill's word's. "To me, it meant being somebody in a neighborhood full of nobodies" - Goodfellas

Who's your favorite superhero?

When I was 8, I prayed for a spider to bite me so I could become Spider-man. I think that's self explanatory.