Michael Bryce

Michael is from Bonney Lake WA. A CODA (child of deaf adult), and am therefore fluent in ASL! He is a beach boy who loves surfing and cleaning up the ocean! Michael served in the military, stationed in Germany.


He grew up watching my grandparents act on stage. Being captivated by their ability to move an audience  so passionately. Mesmerized by the magic they would cast throughout the theatre, and the range of emotions they had the gift of making us feel; exhilarated, frightened, mournful… "I remember being five years old and gazing upon my own grandparents as if they were stars." Ever since that night, He knew being an actor was all that he wanted to be. Having not only the capability, but the vulnerable courage to tell a story through such an emotional way is simply my greatest passion.


We asked Michael a few questions so that you could get to know him better...


What's your dream role as a actor?

My dream role is a 1970's rock star.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

My biggest inspiration in this industry would probably have to be Daniel Day Lewis. Although arguably the greatest actor in the history of film, he rarely does interviews or anything of that nature. He says that it allows the audience to actually see him as that certain character and not just an actor playing a role. To have that level of passion for the art of it alone and not the attention it brings, is just as powerful as his acting.  

What's your favorite TV show?

At the risk of sounding completely cliché, I’m going with either Stranger Things or AHS. Hands down. Superpower? Hmm... Time-Travel. I’m somewhat of a history buff.


Who's your favorite superhero?

Not sure if he counts as a “Superhero”, but Spawn for the win!