Jaleel C McCoy

I'm originally born in Philadelphia. My family is from an island called Antigua & Barbara. My hobbies are jogging and watching anime, My favorite types of music is reggae, soca, hip hop, jazz and classical music,  and I'm in love with tea.

We asked Jaleel a few questions so that you could get to know him better... 

Why did you want to become an actor?

Every since I was a child I would always put on a show for my family and they knew that I was more then just a dancer. Watching Step Up and Stomp the yard, the way that those movies made me feel, with such passion and drive, I wanted to make other people feel that way as well.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

The actors I look up to as an inspiration in the acting industry would be Martin Lawrence, Jamie fox, The Wayne brothers, Idris Elba, and Michael B. Jordan.

What's your favorite TV show?

At a young age my parents introduced me to anime and the Marvel and DC universe but there was one show that cought my interest and it's one of my favorite shows till this day, called The Avatar the last airbender.

Who's your favorite superhero?

My favorite superhero is Spiderman, being about have a super sense, strength, Tony stark tech while living in NYC, yeah definitely Spiderman.