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Prince Weaver

Paul grew up in Iowa, and even though he grew up in the main city Iowa always felt to small.  For most of his life acting and being an actor was his passion but he was constantly told that acting was unrealistic.  It wasn't until he consciously made the decision that he would pursue acting over anything, that he would never give up.  He convinced his dad to move at 16 years old  to California to pursue acting.  After four years of not really getting anywhere he found out about IMTA and attended the convention in NYC. He proudly placed above top 5 in all his acting competitions.


We asked Paul a few questions so that you could get to know him better... 

Who is your biggest inspiration in the film industry and what kind of actor would you like to be? My inspiration from a story perspective is Robert Downey Jr and his journey from drug addled youth to one of hollywoods #1 actors, the type of actor I would like to be is a Jake Gyllenhaal or Matt Damon type.


Favorite Movie : Rounders (1998)


Favorite TV  Show : Breaking Bad


Favorite Book : Ripper by Stefan Petrucha


Favorite Superhero : Iron Man


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