Adrian Chapman

We asked Adrian a few questions so that you could get to know him better... 

I was born in Nogales, Arizona and grew up in the suburbs of Sahuarita, Az. At four years old I got involved in taekwondo and was on the Arizona travelling team. Competing with people from around the world was exciting. With time I became a National and International champion. This then allowed me to participate in the junior Olympics for taekwondo. I then got involved in both football and basketball. Growing up I was always engaged in a sport. Then, in high school after taking a fine arts class, my view of film changed. I became interested in theater and decided to take acting classes.


Biggest inspiration in film? What kind of actor I want to be?

Today, I greatly admire Al Pacino, Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Angelina Jolie. I appreciate the energy and edge they bring to a film along with their vulnerability. As far as the type of actor I want to become, I can say I want to be the person who moves others, motivates people to create their own path while having an enjoyable time.


Favorite movie and tv show?

Having too many favorites I would have to say my top three in no order are Titanic, Scarface, and Forrest Gump. For TV show my all time favorite is Spongebob, followed by Everybody Hates Chris.


Favorite Book?

The entire series of the Lightning Thief by .Rick Riordan.


Favorite superhero?

Growing up with only Marvel Hero action figures it is difficult to pinpoint a favorite, but I have to decide with the hulk being my absolute favorite. His unpredictable behavior pulls my attention.