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Manuel Tapia


I am Manuel Tapia I was a kid with a dream coming from a place surrounded by nothing but dead dreams and I promised myself I wasn’t gonna end up like that.




Why did you want to become an actor?

When you grow up moving a lot you don’t have time to make friends and the only ones I did have were the ones that I watched growing up and I wanna be able to inspire kids out their like me. 



Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

Without a doubt Adam Sandler he does what he loves, doesn’t care about what people have to say, he gives back to his loved ones and is just overall a great person. 



What's your favorite TV show?

as of lately it’s between Entourage and Friends because those were the last two that I binged watched.



Who's your favorite Superhero?

Most definitely Spider-Man. My dream role is to play the first live action Spider-Man 2099 who’s played by a Hispanic Miguel O’hara.




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