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Evan Slaybaugh


Hello, my name is Evan Slaybaugh. I am a 20 year old small town boy from Northern Maryland. I am a retired college baseball player with a General Studies associates degree. My hobbies include snowboarding, golf, disc golf, parkour, and weightlifting. 


WhyI become an actor:

I originally really liked the idea of stunt doubling for other actors because I am big into parkour and action sports such as snowboarding and cliff jumping. Though I eventually realized that I could do the acting and the stunts at the same time like Tom Cruze and Jackie Chan. This really sparked an interest in acting for me. 


My biggest Inspiration:

My biggest inspiration in this industry would be Christian Bale. It is inspiring how he changes his body for roles such as The Machinist and The Dark Knight. But my favorite movie of his has to be American Psycho as he portrays Patrick Bateman, a normal investor on Wall Street that is a serial killer on the side.


My favorite TV Show:

Has to be either Peaky Blinders or The 100. Peaky Blinders takes place after the Great War and is about the criminal gangs and revolutions.  And The 100 is about a group of teenagers that are sent down from space to see if Earth is inhabitable after Nuclear Warfare 200 years before.


My favorite Superhero

Mine would probably be Spider-Man just because I always wanted to be him and I really like is hero side but his nerdy wit never gets old.


My favorite Film:

Sahara is my favorite adventure/action movie. And comedy would have to be Kung Fu Panda.





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